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Towards 2030: Illuminating society with the light of human revolution

Commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai has allowed us to acknowledge the enormous efforts of those who have established our movement over the last 90 years while expressing our hopeful vision for its future development.  For the next 10 years and throughout this century, with the youth at the forefront, let's contribute to the evolution of a humanistic culture in Australian society, a culture centred on mutual respect and dialogue.

Photo credit: entred on mutual respect and dialogue.

Pioneering Spirit

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Kosen-rufu is an epic journey where each step along the way is important. Our founding presidents and pioneer members around the world boldly took those first steps in unchartered territories with faith and the desire for the happiness of humanity burning in their hearts. One by one and heart-to-heart, our pioneers in Australia passed on the flame of hope, tenaciously encouraging each person one dialogue at a time. Over time, those sharing this same desire for human happiness have started emerging in different parts of our country, joining together and making tireless efforts to transform our land.

Let's learn of the struggles of our three Presidents of Soka and pioneers and appreciate the fruits of their courage and hard work. Let's also give thanks to all those who have toiled after them to provide us with fertile ground for our humanistic movement to grow. Let's reflect on all this and look ahead. We must not stop here, for we must continue along our journey. We are all pioneers.


It is time to make a fresh departure together. The world is calling out for people of true humanity to stand up. We each have been entrusted with sharing this light of hope in our respective places of mission. What we do from this moment on is crucial.

Life is short. The most valuable thing we can devote our lives to is fostering people who will build a new age for the sake of tomorrow.
(New Human Revolution Vol 15, p244)

Hallmark of
Youthful Spirit

Together with the youth, let’s encourage each other to overcome challenges and engage with our daily life anchored in faith, practice and study. To create a flow of joyful experiences, of realisations, of learning and growth where we courageously face ourselves without devaluing the significance of our life. In the 2006 Indigo, there is a passage that reads


“A Buddha aims to recognise the potentiality for good and evil both within his/her life and the lives of others and determine to transform the destructive tendency into a creative one”.


This highlights that a good and creative life is not based on a fixed set of benchmarks. Rather, we can create value and make meaning from everything we experience. The process of challenging ourselves to create value and meaning through our experiences is living proof of human revolution, the triumph of human spirit.


Determining to create these faith experiences is a hallmark of a youthful spirit. To take the initiative to be allies to others so that they may create their own experiences of hope and victory is the embodiment of the oneness of mentor and disciple spirit.


We will continue to engage people around us with sincerity, respect and friendship, creating a tapestry of heart-to-heart connections with hope, courage and compassion as the new common sense of the world. 

Words from Our Pioneer Members

In celebration of the long history of SGI in Australia we reached out to pioneers members around the country and asked them to share their experiences.

Youth Experience

In celebration of the 90th anniversary, youth members across Australia share their reflections and experiences connecting them to Nichiren Buddhism.

Artistic Expression

What does it mean to you to be part of a movement of peace

The following collection of artwork - originally created for the 2020 Oceania Peace Conference - are now available to view as part of SGI's 90th anniversary celebration.